MatStrat - A Stratigraphic Toolbox for Matlab

MatStrat is a new open source Matlab toolbox that generates publication-quality stratigraphic plots and enables quantitative analysis of stratigraphic data.

Created by: Kevin Lewis, Tim Keeler, and Adam Maloof
Artwork designed by: Christine Chen

Matstrat Logo

Welcome to the MatStrat software page! MatStrat is a stratigraphic toolkit for Matlab which is freely available to the scientific community. Links to the MatStrat SourceForge download page, as well as documentation and references, can be found on the left. Also, please visit (and contribute) to our gallery page, highlighting some of the figures produced using MatStrat.

We hope to deploy a standalone version of MatStrat in the near future that would run within the freely available MATLAB Compiler Runtime engine. If you would like to help test this version, please email us at the address below.

Update 11/20/14: Added support for plotting depths rather than heights in section, and fixed bugs relating to ordering of core data.

Update 4/11/12: Matstrat 1.1 released! Bug fixes, Added support for tapered box widths (useful for fining/coarsening upward sequences), added ability to remove swatch selections - see manual for more details. The previous release (1.0) can still be downloaded here

Update 1/20/12: Fixed several bugs related to file input and parsing.